Beginning of the End of the Global Village

Technology-Driven News Cycles Just Don’t Work

Jaci Clement
2 min readMay 9, 2024
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

When the world is one huge dumpster fire, there are really only two choices.

One, we can adapt — something humans are quite famous for — settle in and accept this as our daily fate. Or we can grab a fire extinguisher and plan our escape.

The thing to remember is that when everything is going wrong, it’s the perfect time to stop doing what you’ve been doing and try something else. In fact, to not do something different is the same as admitting failure.

And failure, when it comes to America’s media, is simply not an option.

We’ve lived through the excuse of technology introducing the 24/7 news cycle, so the news had to be fast. Faster than fact-checking would allow. Oh, and the news had to be cut down into smaller and smaller bite-size chunks, in order to accommodate technology’s need for speed. As the media rushed to institute these changes, the public started moving away from the news. Interestingly, that was taken as a “sign” that the media needed to move faster and diminish the news into even smaller pieces.

That’s how we arrived at this moment. What we’re left with is countries pulling away from each other, ending the idea of a global village — the very thing…



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