Think This is a Problem? Wait’ll You See What’s Next.

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A cursory glance at the day’s headlines would have you believe America’s problem du jour is Mark Zuckerberg.

To be clear: I’m not defending him. Not only can he take care of himself, but his track record has consistently foretold that where we are at the moment is exactly where we’d end up. File under “reap and sow.”

The most interesting part of the story isn’t what’s in the headlines. It’s how little is understood — or completely, unabashedly, misunderstood — about those freedoms contained within the First Amendment.

You probably recall learning about this in the fourth grade, where…

In this podcast episode, Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer Chats on History & Working through COVID-19

In this episode of FMC Fast Chat, Jason Feifer takes us for a quick ride through the history of innovation to illustrate just how bright the future looks, noting that times of great crises (COVID19 pandemic, anyone?) spurs entrepreneurship to new levels. Along the way, he offers up anecdotes and even drops a few names — which he totally gets away with because, in addition to being smart, he’s a really nice guy.

Listen to this episode of FMC Fast Chat Podcast

Losing Audience Share Can’t Be Blamed Entirely on the Internet

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How do you like your news?

For a long time now, the theory has been that Americans want to feed on “negative” news. Some would add to that theory that the more “sensational” you can make the news, well, all the better. But the most competitive of this ilk will even ratchet that up a notch, rallying their troops into believing that if they really want viewers, readers, and listeners to return to their news products, then the job isn’t over until they’ve filled their audiences with dread and fear…

We Hear About the Problems. But there’s Another Side to the Story

While we were distracted by politics, artificial intelligence advanced by leaps and bounds. Deep fake artistry is now so believable that, in the wrong hands, it can be dangerous.

In this episode of FMC Fast Chat, go inside the world of computer scientist Hao Li, reputedly the best deep fake artist on the planet. (You may have seen his visual effects work in Furious 7 or The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.)

Listen to this episode of FMC Fast Chat Podcast


2020 Changed Our Lives and the News

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One of the most interesting aspects of the news media is how it embodies the spirit of optimism via the simple act of storytelling.

After all, this is a career where people get to wake up to a day filled with unlimited opportunities to make the world a better place, either for you, or me, or both of us, depending on the stories they choose to share. Granted, that optimism is often shattered by 12 noon, when the reality of dealing with deadlines, evasive sources, and grumpy editors takes hold. …

If We’re Going to Make Changes, Let’s Make Them Real

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The Supreme Court has ruled the FCC can, once again, loosen media ownership rules.

The rules were put into place to encourage diversity in your media offerings — and that included a diversity of ownership, as well as a diversity in the types of news you receive. At the heart of it, the rules protected localism, to ensure you receive the type of news you need to understand what’s happening in your community.

Over the years, media outlets have argued the rules hamper their businesses, limiting their growth and causing undue strain of resources to comply with regulations — you…

The Ever-Widening Digital Divide

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Technology changes fast. Education changes slow.

That great divide leaves us vulnerable. Within America, each state’s technology prowess sets the stage for its future, now more than ever before, as we reimagine how we work and live, due to the changes ushered in by a most unwelcome pandemic, which heightened our dependency on connectivity. Massachusetts and California are the oft-cited most technologically advanced and innovative of America’s states, while the south and midwest lag far behind.

Two issues come into play: access to technology, and education to acquire the skill sets needed to not simply keep…

Investigation Urged into New Jersey’s Lack of Connectivity

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What a nightmare.

That’s the only way to sum up what happened during a blistering, five-and-a-half-hour New Jersey Board of Public Utilities hearing that saw elected officials demanding an investigation into Altice, backed up by residents airing countless grievances.

Mayors and other officials from around the state offered up nearly two hours’ worth of complaints and problems that have occurred since Altice USA purchased Optimum from Cablevision in 2016. Then the floor was turned over to the public, where 70 residents had requested to speak. …

Keep an Eye on the News Media

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Now that it’s been one year in the Age of Corona, the news media is carrying its fair share of tales of reflection — of lives lost, memories cherished, and, of course, thoughts and ideas on what could have been.

But how the news media has been impacted, and how it has reacted and changed is important to note, even for those not in news: Many trends hit the news media first, then roll out to other industries. That’s one of the reasons keeping an eye on the media is so important.

While working remotely isn’t anything new, for entire…

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CNN should never have made the exception. But that’s only the tip of the what’s-wrong-with-the-news-media-today iceberg.

For those who have been living under a rock or, perhaps for those in New Jersey set to go before the Board of Public Utilities (see The Watch List, below), here’s what you’ve missed: The Cuomo brothers have had better days. So, too, CNN.

Now, as political issues continue to mount and those around him make a run for the hills, Andrew is under intense media scrutiny. Rightly so. If you question whether that’s fair, remember elected officials are public figures. Media scrutiny is…

Jaci Clement

American Media Scholar. Host, FMC Fast Chat Podcast. CEO & Executive Director, Fair Media Council.

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