EPISODE DROP: FMC Fast Chat podcast featuring US Presidential Historian and Best-Selling Author Douglas Brinkley

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Douglas Brinkley

In this episode, US Presidential Historian and best-selling author Douglas Brinkley talks history and current events to help us make sense of America today — no easy feat, but Brinkley does it seamlessly, illustrating exactly why he’s been dubbed “America’s New Past Master” by the Chicago Tribune.


Douglas Brinkley is the Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair in Humanities and Professor of History at Rice University, CNN Presidential Historian, and a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. He works in many capacities in the world…

Power to News Media, Empowerment to the Public

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

The mere act of conversation is enormously powerful, which is why the news media wields such influence in our society.

A conversation, one conversation, may turn out to be the catalyst behind what we do, what we think, who we connect with and even, who we love. No matter how technology advances, or how many bells and whistles a news outlet may add to its arsenal, the heart of all news is simply the conversations it delivers to us. …

EPISODE DROP: FMC Fast Chat Podcast featuring American Express Foundation President Timothy J. McClimon

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In this episode of FMC Fast Chat, we examine a critical element of the economy: As we move from the “new normal” to the “next normal,” what will happen to philanthropy?

No one better to answer that question — and many others — than American Express Foundation President Timothy J. McClimon. He talks of the honor to serve, and how his team finds innovative ways to support nonprofits and small businesses around the globe.


Timothy J. McClimon is President of the American Express Foundation…

EPISODE DROP: FMC Fast Chat podcast featuring Caren Bohan, USA Today Washington Editor and Deputy Bureau Chief

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This FMC Fast Chat takes us Inside the Beltway one week after the Inauguration of Joe Biden to explore how the Washington press is covering politics in a time unlike any other in U.S. history.

Our guest is USA Today Washington Editor and Deputy Bureau Chief Caren Bohan, who has extensive experience covering politics and is a past president of the White House Correspondents Association.

Prior to USA Today, Caren was the White House and Politics Editor at Reuters. She was a senior…

A New Era for Journalism May Begin Now

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Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

The Inaugural speech by President Joe Biden is being hailed by the media as one of the best of such speeches ever — not only for its wording and its tone but for being on point with public sentiment.

The majority of what the headlines bring to us boils down the speech to two sound bites: the beginning of “democracy’s day” and the ending of the “uncivil war.”

Let’s explore something else: The underlying message of the need for truth.

“And, we must reject a culture in which facts themselves are manipulated…

Forums Featuring Open Dialogue Between the Best in News … & You

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Visual Storytelling session with Danish documentary photographer Mette Lampcov will illustrate everyday climate change, and an inside look at California burning and how it impacts us all. Above, a photo from the Woolsey Fire by Lampcov

Fair Media Council’s annual event, The News Conference: Real & Powerful, will be held live and online from Jan. 26–29, 20201 via Zoom. It features an exclusive gathering of some of the best in news from around the country, engaging in open dialogue with the audience: the news consumer.

Everybody Seems to Love America. But Can’t Explain Why

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Photo by Mike Doherty on Unsplash

There’s never been a more important moment in time to recognize quality news.

Watching the House proceedings this week, a few things stood out. First, I was able to watch it on my computer, thanks to my local daily newspaper morphing into a multi-media powerhouse. (The frantic hunt for the remote I do not miss.) What’s interesting is, not so terribly long ago, a newspaper providing live video coverage wouldn’t have been possible.

I chose to watch sans analysis, but I do appreciate The New York Times providing me with that option, in real-time. Again, interesting.

One thing everyone on…

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Front pages from Jan. 7, 2021

How did we get here? A weakened news media. A weakened democracy.

Headlines in the British press call it, “Anarchy in the USA.” The San Francisco Chronicle gives us “Insurrection.” In New York, from the Times: “Trump Incites Mob.” And from the birthplace of suburbia, we get Newsday’s “Capitol Chaos.”

Whatever you call it, one thing we can all agree on: What we’re seeing is unprecedented. Engulfed in unpredictable times, here’s another thing we should be able to agree on: We need quality news coverage to help us find common ground and start the healing process.

To do that, we need to be as critical of the news coverage as the news…

It was all about the news itself

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Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

The thing about 2020? It took away our everyday routines, the things we took for granted. As a society, we responded by diving deep into the digital world, not only to remain connected but to seek out news of when the world, as we knew it, may return.

In Review

The last few weeks the news media has inundated us with obligatory year-in-review stories — partisan politics, legalized pot, murder hornets, the Royals who left their titles behind, along with plenty of pandemic news stuffed in between it all — yet the answer we seek remains elusive. …

In this episode of FMC Fast Chat, host Jaci Clement discusses what you need to know to get your opinion on CNN with Richard Galant, the founding editor and managing editor of CNN Opinion. Get insider tips and be in the know in 30 minutes.

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Galant joined CNN in 2008 and led the section’s launch the following year. He heads the team that edits and produces opinion pieces for digital platforms. He was formerly managing editor of Newsday and New York Newsday, where he led teams that won two Pulitzer Prizes. He also served as metropolitan editor, deputy managing editor…

Jaci Clement

American Media Scholar. Host, FMC Fast Chat Podcast. CEO & Executive Director, Fair Media Council.

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