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The Impact of Such Headlines is Serious

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One of the worst subjects for journalists to cover is the one that hits closest to home: the state of the news industry.

It also happens to be the best subject to gauge a reporter’s level of expertise. But the one thing that stands out the most in all of the hubbub regarding news today is the fact that the state of the industry is separate from the value of journalism.

And that’s where things get messy.

Headline writers seem to take a perverse pleasure in telling us all too often journalism is on its deathbed. Perhaps it’s because that’s…

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What Newsrooms Are Missing About Storytelling

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There are many ways to tell a story.

That’s a gentle reminder to newsrooms everywhere to get out of the funk they seem to be caught up in.

Perhaps it was inevitable, as the toll of covering a 100-year pandemic took hold. It didn’t help matters that political news coverage, which occupied much of the media’s time before COVID-19, turned into a contact sport. Combined, the leftovers leave us with little more than headlines filled with body counts. Surely, there should be more than that in your daily news diet, yes?

Role of News in Society

Granted, the role of the American media is to…

The Public Wants Transparency in Media. Here’s the (Big) Piece That’s Missing

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Think the news media can do whatever the heck it wants?

It’s a fairly common sentiment floating about the American public, and that sentiment ebbs and flows depending upon the news of the day. After all, when headlines tell of things we want to know, the news media is not only good, it borders on godlike. When those same headlines try to chat us up on topics we disagree with, then the news media is full of bums who can go straight to hades. How quickly the tide turns. (Have you noticed there’s never any in-between to these extremes? Yeah…

How the Economy & News Work Together

The author’s father during World War II

One of the most interesting things about the news today is this: What’s news right now will be gone in a moment. And that disappearing act has influenced and infiltrated our society and culture.

Back then

It’s in stark contrast to the news of old when newspapers landed with a thud on your doorstep just in time to be read as you drank your morning coffee. What people didn’t realize then is that the news they were reading in that fresh and crisp newspaper wasn’t actually news at all — by the time it was written, edited, produced, printed, and delivered, the…

30-Minute Podcast Episode Offers Holistic Approach to Success

“You’ve got to fundamentally change the mindset, the muscle memory, the culture of your company.” — Rocky Ozaki on how the pandemic changed business

Every organization is looking for a jumpstart right now.

In this episode, we chat with NoW of Work’s Rocky Ozaki, the go-to guy for what your organization needs to be doing right now to build back better than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Ozaki’s holistic approach to work emphasizes not simply skills and technology, but culture and humanity, as keys to success in the new normal.

Take a listen here or read the transcript by Thisten

What’s Not Being Asked Is Often More Important Than What Is

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Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the news coverage of NBC 4 New York and its sister station, KNBC Los Angeles, launching a 7 p.m. newscast is what’s missing from the stories, most likely because the questions — the weighty questions — weren’t being asked.

To be clear, adding another newscast to the roster is a big deal, even when you’re already in the business and just so happen to have the talent on hand — which NBC 4 does, of course, as it named a first-rate team headed up by the incredibly competent David Ushery to run the 7…

What Do You Want to Be Known For?

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Recent history has focused on the quest for truth. Who’s got it, who’s telling it, and who’s the best at selling it.

In announcing they are in business to bring you the truth, media outlets large and small have dedicated time and resources to creating full-blown advertising campaigns. We’ve seen the kind of ad campaigns that send us right back to the 1980s, a time when image ads were regarded as status symbols. It was a point that was underscored with glossy paper. The use of color was considered high-end. White space was regarded as nothing less than edgy.


News at our fingertips: Good or bad?

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Technology is so pervasive in our society today that we just expect to be able to connect with news, information, and each other whenever we want. Like electricity, we take technology for granted.

This past year was a perfect illustration of just that. Who hasn’t wondered how people got through the 1918 Pandemic without the internet?

Our online usage (read: addiction) is way up, which is causing the behemoths to behave badly: There’s the proposed WarnerMedia-Discovery merger, which has yet to be explained in a manner that makes a modicum of sense to anyone, and then there’s Amazon’s bid for…

Great to see public interest media getting attention for the good work they do yet are so often overlooked. Thanks for your piece.

Jaci Clement

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